All Lit Up Award Winners and Nominees, 2014

All Lit Up Award Winners and Nominees, 2014
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2014 was a fantastic year for our publishers and their authors: our list of nominees and winners are an impressive collection! View books in this list

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Generations Re-merging

By shalan joudry

“Each generation must make their own / journey through a thick terrain” starts Generations Re-merging, a collection of poems which explores the complex tangle of intergenerational relationships and cultural issues encountered by a Mi’kmaw woman in the modern context, “where ... Read more

Peeling Rambutan

By Gillian Sze

A poetic travelogue, Gillian Sze’s Peeling Rambutan meditates upon the rifts between immigrant parents and their Canadian-born children and the struggle of overlapping values which sometimes arises when we view the complexity of our heritage through the lens of the present. ... Read more

Circa Nineteen Hundred and Grief

By Tim Bowling

In childhood, the world seems vast, mysterious and unsettling as we attempt to meaningfully locate ourselves in its midst, and what belonging we find in adulthood is often but a veneer covering that irresoluble desire to understand “the desperate invocations of your little ... Read more