All Lit Up Award Winners and Nominees, 2014

All Lit Up Award Winners and Nominees, 2014
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2014 was a fantastic year for our publishers and their authors: our list of nominees and winners are an impressive collection! View books in this list

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All We Want is Everything

By Andrew F. Sullivan

All We Want is Everything, Andrew F. Sullivan's exceptional debut collection of short stories, finds the misused and forgotten, the places in between, the borderlands on the edge of town where dead fields alternate with empty warehouses--places where men and women clutch tightly ... Read more

Dear Leaves, I Miss You All

By Sara Heinonen

A na•ve young woman falls for a brooding furniture designer; three teenagers try to sort out their friendships and their future while their parents behave like teenagers; a neurotic environmentalist hides behind the laundry boxes in her local superstore. Toronto writer Sara ... Read more

Every Little Thing

By Chad Pelley

If you could take just one thing back… Every Little Thing explores how lives are shaped by the butterfly effect of decisions that go desperately wrong. After a shocking family tragedy, Cohen Davies feels isolated, guilty, and numb to everything except the allure of his new ... Read more


By Nathaniel G. Moore

Winner, ReLit Award (Novel)

CBC Books' "Writers to Watch" Pick

Nate’s nervous mother chews gum at warp speed and has a bob that resembles Darth Vader’s helmet. His icy father dabbles part-time in the death trade at a funeral home after working for a decade in the insurance ... Read more

Fallsy Downsies

By Stephanie Domet

Lansing Meadows has one last shot to get it right. With the clock ticking, he sets out on the road one last time, to sing his songs to anyone who’ll listen, and to try to right his wrongs, before it’s too late.
Fallsy Downsies is a novel about aging, art, celebrity and ... Read more


By Stacey May Fowles

Ronnie, an engaged hairdresser with a history of teenage recklessness and mystery childhood illnesses, feels stifled by the unavoidable pull of the predictable, comfortable life laid out before her. Charlie, an anxiety-ridden, award-winning writer, feels suffocated by his literary ... Read more

The Miracles of Ordinary Men

By Amanda Leduc

This is the story of two unlikely dreamers: Sam, a man who wakes up one day to find himself growing wings, and Lilah, a woman who has lost her brother to the streets of Vancouver. Sam finds himself falling away from the world as he grows feathers from his back, while Lilah makes ... Read more

The Lost 10 Point Night

By David Ward

Jim Harrison grew up on the prairies, played Junior in Saskatchewan, and pro with the Bruins, Leafs, Hawks, and Oilers. Three years before a former teammate equaled the mark, Harrison set one of the most enduring and seemingly unreachable records in professional hockey with ... Read more

Smoke Proofs

By Andrew Steeves

Why do we accept shoddy books? This is the question at the heart of Smoke Proofs, a collection of six essays and one interview which takes a frank look at the state of the art of literary publishing, printing and book design in Canada. Ranging from the philosophical and the ... Read more


By Soren Bondrup-Nielsen

Merging is a book about relationships and the way our perspective shifts as we become attuned to the workings of the natural world, merging with our surroundings and the creatures we share them with. Working in the tradition of Henry David Thoreau and Aldo Leopold, Soren Bondrup-Nielsen ... Read more