All Lit Up Award Winners and Nominees, 2014

All Lit Up Award Winners and Nominees, 2014
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2014 was a fantastic year for our publishers and their authors: our list of nominees and winners are an impressive collection! View books in this list

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Will Starling

By Ian Weir

Shortlisted, Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic
Longlisted, IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

From the acclaimed author of Daniel O'Thunder comes a rollicking, bawdy, and haunting novel about love and redemption, death and resurrection.

The great ... Read more

Our Days In Vaudeville

By Stuart Ross, Alice Burdick, and Leigh Nash

Cobourg poet Stuart Ross believes collaboration allows him to be part of poems Ñ and the kinds of poems Ñ he would never write on his own. He also believes the best poems are ones that explode the author's own intentions. In this book, Ross takes the stage in the vaudeville ... Read more

A Pretty Sight

By David O'Meara

Like the rhapsodists, the storytellers of ancient Greece, A Pretty Sight shapes voices of the past and present into a stitched song lifted and sounded toward the next century. Haunted by ‘time's frame / that dark shape near the edge of the canvas,’ O’Meara's new book explores ... Read more

What The World Said

By Jason Camlot

When not-very-religious Montreal poet Jason Camlot's father died, he decided to practice the strict one-year period of mourning of the religious Jew, which included attending synagogue every single day. What The World Said, Camlot's fourth full poetry collection, is an updated ... Read more

Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books

By Stephen Brockwell

Ottawa poet Stephen Brockwell has stumbled upon a vault of startling Ñ and non-existent Ñ collections of outrageous poetry. This compendium of verse, Brockwell's fifth full-length collection, draws from this imaginary motherlode, showing the poet at his most incisive, most ... Read more


By Margaret Christakos

Poet Margaret Christakos, throughout her eight previous poetry collections, has created ruptures and splices inside of and against the limits of the confessional lyric, often using recombinatory procedures, cyclical and serial structure, and enmeshing intimate vernacular with ... Read more


By Charmaine Cadeau

Disintegration, gaps in the historical record, and unaccounted-for absences hold these magically makeshift lyric poems together.

Provisional, roaming, obsessed with remnants and deferrals, the poems in Charmaine Cadeau's second collection navigate flexible and shifting terrains ... Read more

For Display Purposes Only

By David Seymour

These poems pause for the spectacle: cloning technologies, super-slo-mo photography, narcotic cab rides. Making fun of consciousness, they describe a system of tripwires, pitfalls and decoys that this notion of daily viewership entails. These poems are paeans to our facility ... Read more

Lost Letters, The

By Catherine Greenwood

Atmospherically light and stylistically expansive Ð poems that regard our givens as a gift.

Don McKay's description of The Pearl King and Other Poems, Catherine Greenwood's wonderful first book, also apply to The Lost Letters: "With discerning wit and a large range of styles ... Read more