#ALUween Mysteries

#ALUween Mysteries
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Looking for mysterious, creepy, or downright weird books to give you a bit of a thrill? We've put together a long list of stand-alone titles sure to get the hairs on the back of your neck tingling. View books in this list

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By Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler
Edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

In 1872, dinosaur hunters become embroiled in a battle over the discovery of fossils in Northern Ontario as their excavation crews are driven mad by a bizarre and terrifying illness.Over a hundred years later, Church and his family show signs of the same monstrous affliction. ... Read more

After Drowning

By Valerie Mills-Milde

Lake Erie was once home to a thriving inland fishery but the sad fortunes of the lake have decimated the industry, forcing those who live along the Lake Erie shore to adapt their expectations, or move on. On a summer's day, Pen (Penelope) Beau and her four-year-old daughter ... Read more

This Marlowe

By Michelle Butler Hallett

Longlisted, 2018 International DUBLIN Literary Award
Long-shortlisted, 2017 ReLit Awards

1593. Queen Elizabeth reigns from the throne while two rival spymasters — Sir Robert Cecil and the Earl of Essex — plot from the shadows. Their goal? To control succession upon the aged ... Read more


By Dietrich Kalteis

You know you’re in deep water when you can’t tell cop from criminal

Rene Beckman is a dishonoured ex-cop with only two things on his mind: his new boat, the Triggerfish, and his hot date, an environmentalist named Vicki. When the two unknowingly dock the boat in the same ... Read more

Saving Her

By Christian McPherson

Christian McPherson's exciting new novel is a portrait of a woman coming unglued after devastating events send her spiraling out of control. Between popping pills and drinking vodka, Julie Cooper tries her best to do what she has always done: carry on. But when the line between ... Read more

Friendly Fire

By Lisa Guenther


As a long, hot Saskatchewan summer dawns, Darby Swank's life is forever changed when she finds her beloved aunt floating dead in a lake. All at once, her blinders ... Read more

In the Land of Two-Legged Women

By Huey Helene Alcaro

At the onset of puberty girls' right legs are sawed off in Ramprend's Beautification Ritual. In this dystopian novel, female stumps are desirable to men. Solanj'l-- 'l denoting one-leg-- hates her inability to move freely and makes a wooden leg to enable her to walk, or step-drag, ... Read more

The Morelli Thing

By Frank Lentricchia

The unsolved murder of Fred Morelli, in Utica, New York, in 1947, comes to the fore more than 60 years later when 15-year-old Angel, hacker extraordinaire, has his guitar smashed by Victor Bocca, one of the original suspects in the murder. Angel hacks files that may point not ... Read more

The Deadbeat Club

By Dietrich Kalteis

A fast and powerful crime novel full of action, vengeance, twists, and dark humour

Grey Stevens took over the family business after his uncle passed away, and now he grows the best pot in Whistler. It’s called Eight Miles High and the word on the street is it rivals anything ... Read more

The Society of Experience

By Matt Cahill

When his father - a distinguished writer - unexpectedly passes away, Derrick van der Lem's insulated world implodes, leaving a much stranger and crueler place than the one he knew. In the midst of his downward spiral, the mysterious Society of Experience asks him to take part ... Read more