ALU Springback: Poetry

ALU Springback: Poetry
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We're not ready to "fall back" just yet, so we're springing back instead and revisiting some rad poetry from spring 2020. Buy any of the books in the list below and you'll automatically be entered into a random draw to win a $25 All Lit Up gift card! Offer ends Oct 31. View books in this list

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By Tyler Pennock

Poems about a young two-spirit Indigenous man moving through shadow and trauma toward strength and awareness.

Bones, Tyler Pennock's wise and arresting debut, is about the ways we process the traumas of our past, and about how often these experiences eliminate moments of softness ... Read more

Glass Float

By Jane Munro

Griffin Award-winner returns with new poems that are spacious with interiority, alive with a hard-earned lightness.

Waves carried a glass float--designed to hold up a fishing net--across the Pacific. Beached it safely. Someone's breath is inside it.

In Glass Float, her seventh ... Read more


By Irfan Ali

An extraordinary debut set in Toronto, unfurling against the backdrop of an ancient Persian love story.


The story of Layla and Majnun, made immortal by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi in the 12th century, has been retold thousands of times, in thousands of different ways, ... Read more


By Simina Banu


POP rummages through the stale Cheetos after the love poem: what remains? What never existed to begin with? The book invites the reader to journey both forward and backward in time, to retrace steps, solve word searches, hold pages to the light. POP delineates the intensities ... Read more

Were There Gazelle

By Laura K. McRae

The speaker in Laura K. McRae's debut poetry collection, Were There Gazelle, has travelled long and hard, wide open to the world. The poems explore how moments can become fixed points in our memory, and how the senses and the strangeness of travel can awaken us to links between ... Read more


By Dani Spinosa

OO: Typewriter Poems is a book of vispo (visual poetry) glosas (a Spanish poetic form that pays tribute to another poet by incorporating their lines) designed to begin to dismantle the masculinist legacy of avant-garde visual poetics. Avant-garde visual poetics has long been ... Read more

Gold Rush

By Claire Caldwell

From the Klondike to an all-girls summer camp to the frontier of outer space, Gold Rush explores what it means to be a settler woman in the wilderness. Drawing on and subverting portrayals of nature from Susanna Moodie to Cheryl Strayed, Caldwell’s poems examine the tension ... Read more

Ghost Face

By Greg Santos

In his third DC Books title, Ghost Face, Greg Santos explores what it means to have been a Cambodian infant adopted at birth by a Canadian family. Through a uniquely playful and self-reflective series of poems that pay moving homage to his adoptive parents, and explore the fantasies ... Read more

The Blue Moth of Morning

By P. C. Vandall

In The Blue Moth of Morning, P. C. Vandall by turns acknowledges, embraces and subverts clichés of female relationships, emotions and bodies, exposing the inner tumult women often try to conceal under a thin veneer of aplomb.


By Marie-Andrée Gill
Translated by Kristen Renee Miller

Spawn is a braided collection of brief, untitled poems, a coming-of-age lyric set in the Mashteuiatsh Reserve on the shores of Lake Piekuakami (Saint-Jean) in Quebec. Undeniably political, Marie-Andrée Gill's poems ask: How can one reclaim a narrative that has been confiscated ... Read more