2022 ReLit Award Finalists

2022 ReLit Award Finalists
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The ReLit Awards celebrate the best in poetry, short fiction, and novels published by independent Canadian presses every year. We love to see it! Browse the ALU finalists here. View books in this list

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Why I Was Late

By Charlie Petch

With kitchen-table candour and empathy, Charlie Petch's debut collection of poems offers witness to a decades-long trans/personal coming of age, finding heroes in unexpected places.

Why I Was Late fuses text with performance, brings a transmasculine wisdom, humour, and experience ... Read more

Searching for Eastman

By Charles C Smith

searching for eastman is a multidisciplinary performance in 4 acts, based on the interpretation of four of Julius Eastman's compositions through poetry, theatre, music, dance, video and digital. ("Julius Eastman [October 27, 1940 - May 28, 1990] was the great Black American composer, ... Read more

We, Jane

By Aimee Wall

A remarkable debut about intergenerational female relationships and resistance found in the unlikeliest of places, We, Jane explores the precarity of rural existence and the essential nature of abortion. ??

Searching for meaning in her Montreal life, Marthe begins an intense ... Read more

The Pump

By Sydney Warner Brooman

For fans of Shirley Jackson and Alice Munro, a Gothic collection of stories featuring carnivorous beavers, art-eaters, and family intrigue.

The small southern Ontario town known as The Pump lies at the crossroads of this world’s violence—a tainted water supply, an apathetic ... Read more


By Nic Brewer

To make her films, Eva must take out her eyes and use them as batteries. To make her art, Finn must cut open her chest and remove her lungs and heart. To write her novels, Grace must use her blood to power the word processor.

Suture shares three interweaving stories of artists ... Read more

The Endless Garment

By Marguerite Pigeon

In a fresh and unique look at epic poetry, Marguerite Pigeon has created what may be a new classic. With equal parts love of the art form and social critique, Pigeon ranges over time and space in a series of long poems that delve into the history and impact of fashion. Guided, ... Read more

Wave Forms and Doom Scrolls

By Daniel Scott Tysdal

In this heart-twisting collection of short stories, Daniel Scott Tysdal delves deep into the human experience. From the middle-aged man involved in a suicide cult to the young woman trying to write a poem for a friend who has recently died, to the daughter of a man who loses ... Read more

Exit Strategies

By Meg Todd

The 14 stories in Exit Strategies explore the subtleties of memory and storytelling, masterfully creating the universal picture from the quotidian details. These stories do not shy away from difficult truths: a former actuary with a head injury which has robbed her of her mental ... Read more


By Beth Follett




When Ydessa Bloom’s husband dies in a Cessna crash in a mid-Ontario lake, she rents a cottage at that lake, without really comprehending why, and stays for three months. There she meets three people who ... Read more


By Nathaniel G. Moore


piles shock on top of shock until all one can feel is the places where ones nerves are twitching liked downed Hydro wires. A long poem outlining the trauma and resolution of teenage sexual abuse acts as the centre piece for a collection which examines the chaotic ... Read more