2022 ReLit Award Finalists

2022 ReLit Award Finalists
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The ReLit Awards celebrate the best in poetry, short fiction, and novels published by independent Canadian presses every year. We love to see it! Browse the ALU finalists here. View books in this list

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Urban Disturbances

By Bruce McDougall

Bruce McDougall's skilful short stories sketch a warts-and-all portrait of humanity, illuminating the mysterious forces that drive people to behave in unique-and uniquely human-ways.

The Fifth

By MP Boisvert
Translated by Monica Meneghetti

Critically acclaimed in the original French, The Fifth offers a refreshing take on sexuality and desire. Alice, Gayle, Camille and Simon live together in a polyamorous relationship, affectionately referred to as the Family. Camille, a trans woman, and Gayle are lovers; Simon ... Read more

The Crash Palace

By Andrew Wedderburn


A joy ride set on a crash course with the past.

Audrey Cole has always loved to drive. Anytime, anywhere, any car: a questionable rustbucket, a family sedan, the SUV she was paid to drive around the oil fields. From the second she learned ... Read more

The Infinite Park

By Peter Unwin

Occurring in the rooms and corridors where life is lived, these poems emerge from the spaces behind the sofa cushion where things get lost, and in the bedroom where people inhale and exhale together. The Infinite Park documents the ways each day comes undone, and celebrates the ... Read more

Radium Girl

By Sofi Papamarko

Radium Girl is a collection full of dark wonder where Sofi Papamarko explores the boundaries of love, death, loneliness and justice. In these twelve deft stories, we are introduced to a cast of unforgettable characters: Margie and Lu, teenaged conjoined twins; Rosie who cruises ... Read more

Breaking Right

By D.A. Lockhart

In D. A. Lockhart's Breaking Right ordinary Hoosiers experience extraordinary moments that reveal the complicated correlations between their beliefs, their relationships and the land beneath their feet.


By Tara Gereaux

Evocative of Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness and Diane Warren’s Cool Water, Tara Gereaux’s novel, set in small-town Saskatchewan, dissects themes of Métis identity, female identity and motherhood, aging and regret, and finally, acceptance.

Nothing ever seems to happen ... Read more

Monster Child

By Rahela Nayebzadah

In this powerful debut novel set in the spring of 2000, Rahela Nayebzadah introduces three unforgettable characters: Beh, Shabnam and Alif. In a world swirling with secrets, racism and danger we watch through the eyes of these three children as Nayebzadah's family of Afghan ... Read more

White Lie

By Clint Burnham

Part travelogue, part autofiction, part record of living under Western regimes that torture, kidnap, and murder its own citizens and those who wish to cross its borders, White Lie is a collection of super-short fictions. Written to be read in a book, but written on a phone, ... Read more

Sunday Drive to Gun Club Road

By Marion Quednau

In her debut short story collection, Quednau offers unsettling examinations of “what really happened” with rich, complex characters that might equally arouse our suspicions or sympathy: we pay attention. She gives voice to the interludes between actions, what almost occurred, ... Read more