2017 Poetry Award Nominees

2017 Poetry Award Nominees
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We're so proud of our nominees of the 2017 Gerald Lampert and Pat Lowther Memorial Awards, and the Raymond Souster Award, awarded by the League of Canadian Poets. Get your poetry on with this list below. View books in this list

Assdeep In Wonder

By Christopher Gudgeon

Assdeep in Wonder is a collection of new poems that explore the idea of identity in a myriad of contexts: personal, sexual, cultural, national, literary, and poetic. The poems are raw and immediate, exploring themes of addiction, sexuality, loss, love, and wonder in equal measures.Selected ... Read more

The Back Channels

By Jennifer Houle

Jennifer Houle's debut collection, The Back Channels, reflects the effort to build a meaningful life in a rapidly changing culture, in a region afflicted, as many are, with outmigration and an economy of anxiety and hard choices. Here, where memories of a more prosperous past ... Read more


By John Nyman

John Nyman's Players is staged in an urban dreamscape, fusing popular culture with narratives about hand-to-hand combat, how to hustle, and high art. Taking lyrical cues from hip-hop, Nyman's poetry bends genre expectations, unravelling with a flow that's both unique and engaging. ... Read more

Songs of Exile

By Bänoo Zan

The poems, arranged chronologically, give an impressionistic account of the poet as an immigrant, in quest of her inner voice and her core self, in the new land. They reveal intense isolation, despite engagement with the so-called political, religious, and cultural disparities ... Read more

Lady Crawford

By Julie Cameron Gray

Between imperial dinners and managing investments, Lady Crawford offers a rare glimpse of the inner-life of a woman who has married into a royal lineage. Chronicled in a series of metamorphic poems, Julie Cameron Gray reports from a world filled with parties and art before revealing ... Read more

Let The Empire Down

By Alexandra Oliver

Alexandra Oliver takes us on a journey of escape from the suburbs of North America to Glasgow, Scotland. Training her eye on the locals?on the streets, by rivers, in museums, in playgrounds, in their own homes, in the ill-starred town of Lockerbie?Oliver reflects on issues of ... Read more

Heaven's Thieves

By Sue Sinclair

Lyric poems built with consummate skill by a poet at the peak of her powers.


Heaven's Thieves is a collection engaged with the big questions--What are bodies for? What does it mean to be alive? What is beauty and why does it have such power over us? What is the point of art?--and ... Read more

Description of the World, The

By Johanna Skibsrud

Winner of the 2017 Canadian Authors Award for Poetry

Finalist for the 2017 Pat Lowther Memorial Award

The Description of the World was the original title for Marco Polo's writings about his travels, but in describing the world, Polo also helped to create it. In this collection, ... Read more