10 Books for World Alzheimer's Month

10 Books for World Alzheimer's Month
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For World Alzheimer's Month, we rounded up a list of 10 books that reflect stories of characters and people living with Alzheimer's Disease.

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Four Umbrellas

By June Hutton & Tony Wanless

A writing couple searches for answers when Alzheimer's causes one of them to lose the place where stories come from — memory.

At the age of fifty-three, Tony walks away from a life of journalism and into an unknown future. June is forty-eight, a writer and teacher, and over ... Read more


By Marion Agnew

Most people think Alzheimer's Disease is the same as memory loss, if they think about it at all. But most people prefer to ignore it, hoping that if they ignore it hard enough, it will go away. That was certainly Marion Agnew's hope, even after she knew her mother's diagnosis. ... Read more

Losing Me, While Losing You

By Jeanette A. Auger, Diane Tedford-Litle, and Brenda Wallace-Allen
Foreword by Janice Keefe


Losing Me, While Losing You is a long-needed resource to those providing care for people living with dementia — and for those providing care to the caregivers. In this book, caregivers speak from their own experiences of caring for loved ones with dementia; they cover when ... Read more

The Manãna Treehouse

By Bruce McLean

Connie Kish won’t be written off as just another sad casualty of Alzheimer’s. Oddly at first, she’s the caregiver, finding ways to help her husband, Max, cope with what’s happening to her. When she sees that he’s utterly devastated and crying in secret, she decides ... Read more

Jim Forgetting

By Col Cseke

Jim Forgetting is an unflinching portrait of a year in the life of Jim and Donna, a middle-aged couple struggling with JimÕs early-onset AlzheimerÕs disease. While watching her husband slowly disappear, DonnaÕs patience and love is pushed to heartbreaking limits. She is left ... Read more

Blue Sonoma

By Jane Munro

A wise and embodied collection of dreamscapes, sutras and prayer poems from a writer at her peak

In Blue Sonoma, award-winning poet Jane Munro draws on her well-honed talents to address what Eliot called ?the gifts reserved for age. ? A beloved partner's crossing into Alzheimer's ... Read more

The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble

By Beth Graham

Iris Trimble is trying to hold it all together. She may very well fly off the face of the earth if she doesn’t hang on to the kitchen counter. At least that’s how she feels after her mother, Bernice, a lively, recently widowed fifty-five-year-old breaks the news that she ... Read more


By Sarah Leavitt

What do you do when your outspoken, passionate, and quick-witted mother starts fading into a forgetful, fearful woman? In this powerful graphic memoir, Sarah Leavitt reveals how Alzheimer's disease transformed her mother Midge?and her family?forever.

In spare black and white ... Read more

Some Blow Flutes

By Mary Vingoe

Inspired by a quote from the I Ching about how we respond to tragedy -- "Some weep, some blow upon flutes" -- Mary Vingoe's play is the story of Costas, an elderly Greek shoe repair man whose wife Elena suffers from dementia and whose marriage has been eroded by a family secret. ... Read more