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Aboriginal Literature

The publishers of All Lit Up together have a vast collection of Aboriginal Literature. From coast-to-coast-to-coast, the diversity in Canadian Aboriginal Literature is well represented, whether you're looking for an informative essay collection or a poetry collection you can ... Read more

World Food Day – Tasty Titles, Delicious Dramas!

October 16th is officially designated World Food Day to honour to creation of the Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945 as part of the United Nations. We're celebrating with some local Canadian cookbooks and essay collections.

Human Rights Issues

ALU Publishers have explored many aspects of the challenges we face in today's world, as well as the challenges and consequences of decisions we have made in the past. Through poetry, prose and drama, these books delve into the issues that define our human struggles.

World Pride Reads

Tagged: LGBT, LGBTQ, Gay, Lesbian
To celebrate World Pride, an international event that encompasses activism, education, and the history and culture of global LGBTTIQQ2SA communities, we've pulled together a diverse collection of books that will keep you reading all year long.