ALU's Canada Day Roundup

June 30, 2016

We've celebrated our fine country in more ways than one over our relatively short life here on All Lit Up: from boozy cross-country literary roadtrips to a Where in Canada infographic retrospective to a Canada-fied send up of The Sound of Music. In honour of this year's Canada Day, why not relive them with us?

Comic by Kate Beaton.

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Last summer, we found a lot of ways to celebrate Canada. a collage of Canadiana covers...


Book covers from twelve publishers and four provinces (including both the far west of B.C. and far east of Newfoundland) prove without a doubt that Canada kind of looks good on everything. Read the post to learn more about which books graced our list, and our dreams for a Tim Hortons-themed jacket (it could happen, right?). an infographic of previous Where in Canada posts, plotted on a map...


We went really meta with this one: our roundup of previous Where in Canada posts featured in this roundup of Canada posts. Get acquainted with the layers and see 11 books with settings as big a character as their protagonists. a literary libations tour that goes coast to coast...

Our resident Chappy Hour mixologist came up with this fantastic coast-to-coast literary booze cruise(-controlled car) of key literary pubs and other drinking-related landmarks. Because we love maps (see above), we mapped it out in a Google Map for you to plug into your GPS and start driving. a Canada-themed parody of "These are a few of my favourite things," just 'cause...

We can't really explain ourselves on this one. It seemed like a good idea at the time... plus the chance to photoshop Julie Andrews is always one we'll take


Happy Canada Day, everyone!


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