Test Kitchen: Nutritious Newfoundland

July 31, 2018

We're serving up a whole lotta good with Some Good (Breakwater Books) from Holistic Nutritional Consultant Jessica Mitton. This new cookbook is a blend of healthy food and local Newfoundland traditions and includes a variety of appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and even condiments like rhubarb chutney and pickled beets for added kick to these tasty recipes. What's more is that every recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and made without refined sugars so you can share them with anyone. We couldn't resist trying some of these recipes out ourselves to enjoy together at ALU HQ. Check out what we made below.



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First up is our appetizer: Sweet Potato Cakes. These cakes are a healthier twist on traditional Newfoundland potato cakes and not only were they a tasty way to start off our meal, they were fairly simple to make with minimal ingredients. All we needed were three sweet potatoes, some brown rice flour, coconut oil and 15 minutes of prep before putting them in the oven to bake. These went down very easy too.



This tower of sweet potato cakes came down pretty quickly. 



Next up is our main dish: Curry Lentil Root Stew. Despite it being the middle of summer, we couldn't pass up trying this stew. Jessica Mitton has again taken a traditional dish and infused it with some non-traditional ingredients to make it gluten-free and dairy-free without sacrificing flavour. Made with red lentils, sweet potato, turnip, and a handful of other ingredients, this root stew was super easy to prep and make—it only takes about an hour and keeps you nice and full.




The curry lentil root stew in all its glory!


But not too full for a healthy and yummy dessert: Oatmeal Tarts. Though there was a recipe for Snowballs in the book, which we previously made from a different cookbook, we wanted a healthier alternative this time. Like many of the recipes in Some Good, these tarts are perfect to make if you're short on time. Using rolled oats, almond meal, brown rice flour, and just a couple more ingredients, this dessert took about 30 minutes in total to prep, cook, and fill with our favourite jam.



Don't let anyone tell you dessert isn't healthy: these oatmeal tarts are full of fibre!




*  *  *

You can get full recipes for these and many more nutritious Newfoundland dishes in Some Good, available now. Thanks to Donna at Breakwater Books and Jessica for providing the recipes! Check out Jessica's website for more information and additional recipes. For more Test Kitchen, click here.


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