Do-Lit-Yourself: IsThisAnOlogy?

March 15, 2023

Need some inspiration for a March Break activity? Look no further than here! On the blog today we have a pollination experiment from IsThisAnOlogy? by Amanda Dorothy Jean Bulman, Ruth Lawrence, with Illustrations by Leon Chung (Breakwater Books Ltd.) for all the little beekeepers out there. Follow along below. 

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IsThisAnOlogy? by Amanda Dorothy Jean Bulman, Ruth Lawrence and Illustrations by Leon Chung (Breakwater Books Ltd.)

IsThisAnOlogy? explores big jobs, big science, and the biggest questions. Learn about fossils, bird migration, beekeeping, the science behind making food delicious, and the chemistry involved in cheese making. IsThisAnOlogy? features illustrations, interviews, comics, photographs, charts, recipes, and experiments you can try at home. Science can be a fun hands-on activity!

Activity: It’s time to experiment! Let’s learn about pollination!

You’ll need:
1 cotton ball or colourful pom pom
Icing sugar
4 pieces of construction paper
Pencil and scissors
Draw a large flower on each sheet of construction paper. Be sure the flowers have a circle in the middle of the petals. Cut out your hand-drawn flowers and line the flowers up in a row. Dab the centres with glue.



* * *

Thank you to the folks at Breakwater Books Ltd. for providing us with this March Break activity to share. Follow the Do-Lit-Yourself blog segment for some fun craft and hobby inspiration. 


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