Do-Lit-Yourself: Short Stories, Long Nails

May 17, 2016

#literaryNOTD is BACK and more nail-painty than ever: in honour of Short Story Month, we've bedecked our digits in collections' covers for your viewing pleasure/own nail inspo.

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Do-Lit-Yourself is a column for book lovers with a crafty streak. This pinteresting monthly is penned by LPG Education and Engagement manager Lauren Perruzza.

As evidenced by our partnership with our homies at Found Press, we're really into short stories. And what better way to enshrine them than on our nails? (Awards, book reviews, an earnest recommendation to a friend... probably a lot more than that, but bear with, please). Best yet, you have time to read one or two while your digits are drying. We chose six nail-worthy collections to adorn our nails.

Christen gets roped into Paul Dean's collection  Come on with the Punt: March Hare Stories (Pedlar Press), a compendium of tales he's told over the years at the March Hare Festival. This debut collection in a First Fiction Friday this past (you guessed it!) March.



The Monet painting on Catherine Hogan Safer's  Wild Pieces (Creative Book Publishing) inspires Barb's own wild nail art.


The arrows and vibrant colours of Andy Sinclair's  Breathing Lessons (Vehicule Press) are sported by Tan, our Sales Manager. We nominated main character Henry Moss for an All Lit Up Academy Award this past winter. (And this is technically not a short story collection, but - could you resist those colours? Us either).


Tanya expertly watercoloured and birded her own nails to match Teri Vlassopoulos's  Bats or Swallows (Invisible Publishing). We talked with Teri this February about how she turned "Swimming Lessons", a story from this collection, into  Escape Plans, her first novel.



Our new LitDistCo boss Natasha pressed  Pauls-ed (by Jess Taylor, BookThug) on her nails. Pauls was our short stories pick for our Super-Secret Festival of Lit last December.



A longlist pick for that same Short Stories list, Dance Moves of the Near Future by Tim Conley (New Star Books) made it onto Lauren's nails this time around.

* * *

Try it! Pick your favourite short story collection and paint your nails to match (and be sure to show us!). Looking for more literary DIYs? Click here.


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