Chappy Hour: Portside & Starboard Martinis + Cosmic Fishing

January 10, 2018 by Tan Light

ALU resident mixologist Tan is back for 2018 with a double-dose of nautical cocktail recipes for those "indecisive" among us, not least poet Jaymz Bee and song lyrics "Indesicive" from  Cosmic Fishing, his latest book from Insomniac Press. Pick the Portside or Starboard (or flip a coin if decisiveness eludes you) and read from this earnest and hilarious collection.

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You might recognize this month’s featured poet: Jaymz Bee has hosted many great parties, on land, at sea, and lately, on air at Jazz FM. As a nod to Jaymz’ cruise party days, we paired a selection from his new collection, Cosmic Fishing (Insomniac Press), with a pair of melon martinis...1 red (portside) served to the left, 1 green (starboard) served to the right. In case you find yourself a little indecisive…


The Cocktail



Looking for a virgin cocktail on theme? Check out Party Swizzel’s Wave Bender


The Book




Pick your delicious poison – Portside or Starboard – and then pair it with the longer excerpt of Cosmic Fishing (clicking starts a PDF download). 


* * *

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