Chappy Hour: The Undertaker + Heaven's Thieves

November 22, 2016 by Tan Light

ALU resident mixologist Tan Light comes up with a one-two punch of espresso and Kahlua, echoing the punches of "Come in. Nothing There. / Come in. Nothing." of Tan's favourite poem in Sue Sinclair's latest collection,  Heaven's Thieves (Brick Books).

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My favourite poem in this selection is "How to be Hungry," in which an old man sits, his cold tea and honey abandoned on his side table. While I couldn’t in good conscience fix a cocktail with cold tea and old honey, this chilled espresso drink delivers a similar punch of sweet caffeine. 

The Cocktail



The Book



Did that Undertaker cocktail perk you up, or what? Hopefully enough to read the longer excerpt of the arresting  Heaven's Thieves.

* * *

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