Beautiful Books: Little Girl Gazelle

February 24, 2022

Little Girl Gazelle (Linda Leith Publishing) written by Stéphane Martelly, is an extraordinary picture book focused on discrimination and equality. In this edition of Beautiful Books, Stéphane shares a few images illustrated by Albin Christen from her book, which beautifully illustrate the Little Girl in her journey of leaving her mark, finding her way, and skimming and dancing through an unjust "world of lions".

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Little Girl Gazelle is a narrated poem about raising Black/Minority children in a "world of lions" that neither expects nor celebrates their brilliance and beauty. However, the parents of the Little Girl are certain of both, and so they prepare their daughter to rise above and beyond such circumstances, until she runs flying towards the sky. Until she finds for herself what true victory is.


Images from Little Girl Gazelle

Images from Little Girl Gazelle



Image #2 from Little Girl Gazelle


Little Girl Gazelle is now available from Linda Leith Publishing.




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Picture of the Author

Stéphane Martelly is a writer, visual artist, and academic. Her numerous books includes essays—notably Les jeux du dissemblable. Folie, marge et féminin en littérature haïtienne contemporaine (Éditions Nota bene, 2016), poetry, and literature for children. Her picture book La maman qui s’absentait (Vents d’ailleurs, 2011) also illustrated by Albin Christen, won the prestigious Michel Tournier prize. She holds a PhD from the Université de Montréal, and has been on faculty at the Université de Sherbrooke and at Concordia University. Originally from Haiti, she has lived in Montreal since 2002.

Author photo credit: Clovis-Alexandre Desvarieux


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