Discover your literary love language!

February 14, 2023

Everyone has a literary love language; the prose, genres, and topics that get your heart pumping. When it’s the right book, you just know. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we've put together a quiz that will help you identify your lit love language, and recommend some books to go with.

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My lit love language is: idealistic. Curious, humorous, fulfilling.

If you were matched with idealistic:



My lit love language is: romantic. Caring. Escapist. Passionate.

If you were matched with romantic:



My lit love language is: eclectic. Imaginative. Avant-garde. A bit weird.

If you were matched with eclectic:



My lit love language is: introspective. Quiet. Thoughtful. Cerebral.

If you were matched with introspective:



My lit love language is: rebellious. Unconventional. Activist. Open-minded.

If you were matched with rebellious:




* * *

Special thanks to Erin Chan at Arsenal Pulp Press for the fantastic categories that made up our literary love languages!

Be sure to share your results with us on social @alllitupcanada.


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