Ten Graphic Novels for Fan Expo

August 25, 2022 by Dominecc Martin

Fan Expo Canada is upon us! It doesn’t matter if you like horror or sci-fi, memoir or mystery; there is a graphic novel out there for you. From fictional slice of life to historical non-fiction, we have a list of ten graphic novels to choose from just in time for the start of the comic-lovers destination that is Fan Expo.

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After a hiatus for a couple of years, Fan Expo is back! There are many sights to see and things to buy, including graphic novels. They come in many genres, offering different stories and illustrations for every type of fan to read about. Here are ten such stories spanning the whole gamut of fiction and non-fiction.


1. Lonely Boys

The cover of Sophie Bedard's Lonely Boys, featuring an illustration of three girls lounging about, looking bored or restless.


Roommates Jen and Lucie are surprised when their former roommate, Ella, shows up at their door after disappearing for a year. Sophie Bédard’s Lonely Boys (Pow Pow Press) features these three young women navigating multiple facets of life while dealing with their fractured friendship.



2. The Pineapples of Wrath

The cover of Cathon's The Pineapples of Wrath.

The Pineapples of Wrath, written by Cathon (Pow Pow Press), is a murder mystery set in the fictional "Hawaiian district" in Trois-Rivières. Marie-Plum does not believe that her neighbour died from a piña colada overdose. She launches her own investigation into the death of her neighbour.



3. Earthbound

The cover of Earthbound by Blonk. An illustration of a zombie in a suit stands among regular people, going on about their lives.


Earthbound (Pow Pow Press) follows Phil, a recently reanimated zombie trying to readjust to life among the living. Blonk explores the themes of friendship, trust and infidelity as the story progresses.



4. Vampire Cousins

The cover of Vampire Cousins, featuring a wide-eyed, round-cheeked illustrated blonde girl in front of a dark, haunted house.


Vampire Cousins is a paranormal graphic novel by Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau and illustrated by Cathon (Pow Pow Press) that is reminiscent of a B-movie. Camillia is invited back to a manor by her cousin Frédérique but she soon finds out that all is not what it seems with the house and her cousin.



5. Shelterbelts

The cover of Shelterbelts. Through a gap in some leafless trees, the viewer can spot a few silhouetted deer grazing in the snow.


Using vignettes, Jonathan Dyck illustrates the tension between a Mennonite community, their past and future, after a megachurch opens at the edge of their community. Questions of LGBTQ+ inclusion, Indigenous land rights, and the Mennonite legacy of pacifism are all discussed in Shelterbelts (Conundrum Press).



6. Art Life

The cover of Catherine Ocelot's Art Life, showing odd, feathered-like people lounging about a public pool.


Catherine Ocelot speaks with seven different artists to try and answer the question of what it means to live. Through these discussions, she explores the impact of others on oneself and comes to understand herself in Art Life (Conundrum Press).



7. Primo Levi

The cover of the graphic biography Primo Levi.


Illustrated by Alessandro Ranghiasci and translated by Alberto Toscano, Matteo Mastragostino’s Primo Levi (Between the Lines) tells the story of Primo Levi, an Italian-Jewish chemist and his survival in Auschwitz. This comic details the horrors of Auschwitz and the burden of survival.



8. Special Topics in Being a Human

The cover of S. Bear Bergman's Special Topics in Being a Human.


Through a queer lens, S. Bear Bergman offers advice combined with illustrations from Saul Freedman-Lawson. Special Topics in Being a Human (Arsenal Pulp Press) is a guide to help navigate the many complexities in life while bringing to light many social inequities and injustices in the modern age.



9. Wonder Drug: LSD in the Land of Living Skies

The cover of Wonder Drug - an illustration of two people sitting in an average living room, but the ceiling has broken off, with a rainbow waving up into the sky.


Wonder Drug (Between the Lines) focuses on LSD and a controversial Canadian medical research project. With illustrations by Nicole Marie Burton, Hugh D.A. Goldring writes a history spanning from the 1950s to present day of psychedelic research conducted by Dr. Humphrey Osmond and his colleagues.



10. The 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Comic Book

The cover of graphic novel The 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance.


Gord Hill’s The 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance Comic Book (Arsenal Pulp Press) is an illustrated history about Indigenous resistance against colonizers all over the Americas from the past to the present. 



Here's hoping everyone attending Fan Expo has a great time! Which of these graphic novels are you likely to pick up first? Let us know at @alllitupcanada


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