Books to Read Based on Your Zodiac

January 8, 2021


The stars have aligned with our bookshelves to bring you reading recommendations based (sort of) on your zodiac sign. 

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Bone Black’s Wren StrongEagle is a protagonist that will appeal to your social justice heart, Aquarius. A young Indigenous artist, Wren takes revenge into her own hands when her twin sister becomes one of the many missing Indigenous women in Canada. With vivid prose and an intense page-turning plot, Bone Black examines police indifference and systemic racism, and reminds us that the crisis in Canada of missing and murdered Indigenous women continues to need our attention. 

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As the daydreamer of the zodiac, you'll welcome getting whisked away into magical worlds of seers, vagabonds, addicts, and gardeners in this dystopian collection of short stories set against backdrops that blur the lines between reality and dream. Also, there are magical portals. And we know you love a magical portal. 

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Bold, fearless, thrill-loving Aries will find a literary adventure in Meaghan Marie Hackinen's travel memoir South Away. Recounting her once-in-a-lifetime bike trip from Terrace B.C. down the coast to the tip of the Baja Peninsula with her sister, Hackinen takes readers on a ride as she roughs it on the road, battles elements, meets strange men, and experiences kindness from strangers. This one's a girl power thrill. 


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Of all the zodiac signs, reliable, patient Taurus is the one to most steadfastly relish a full series like The Legend of Rhyme. Following the Caine twins over seven books, this middle-grade fantasy series features magic spells, mythological creatures, and daring adventures—everything a Taurus needs for a little armchair escape. 

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This seems like an obvious choice for the twin sign of the zodiac. This queer YA novel follows nineteen-year-old Poppy, who while negotiating the complexities of being queer, is also dealing with her mirror twin's disappearance by writing her a series of nineteen letters—for each year of their lives—in hopes of having her twin return home. 

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Your penchant towards the interior makes this the perfect read to unwind with this weekend. A charming, funny novel about a lonely psychiatrist who counts down the days towards his upcoming retirement, Agatha is packed with insights about intimacy, loneliness, and starting over no matter your age. 

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As the Queen Bee (and drama kween) of the zodiac, you're a theatrical force of a human—you'll want a book that surprises you and indulges your senses. John O'Neill's Goth Girls of Banff will do just that. Set in the Canadian Rockies, the stories in this sharply written collection are full of plot twists, surprising characters, and unusual encounters with humanity, nature, and tech alike. 

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Hyper attention to detail is the Virgo way, making you an excellent sleuth. Naturally, a compelling cold-case story like Ann Burke’s  The Seventh Shot will pique your crime sleuth sensibilities and have you guessing at every turn. Drawing from archival copies, hours of interviews, and first-hand accounts, Burke dusts off one of Canada’s oldest cold cases—The 22 Calibre Killer—giving readers a glimpse into the life and crimes of Ronald Glen West who was convicted of murdering two women while serving as a Toronto police officer. 

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Originally published in 1931, Prologue to Love will appeal to the love-above-all Libra. This intergenerational tale of love and loss, hope and redemption, told against the backdrop of 20th century BC ranch life has all kinds of drama to keep you hooked: forbidden romance, longstanding grudges, familial obligations, and mystery.

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No one can keep a secret quite like Scorpio, except for maybe Cam who can't get up the nerve to tell his best friend Beau he's in love with him. Cam & Beau is a total gem of a novel that pulls you into the world of its titular characters—roommates and tender-hearted potheads living in Toronto—and brims with tension and longing. Steeped in philosophy (Barthes, Foucult, to name a few) this novel is ripe for your deep thinking personality, Scorpio. 

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The ever-curious jetsetters of the zodiac, Sagittarius collects passport stamps instead of knick-knacks. And if you're craving a travel-inspired memoir, Trevor Carolan's Road Trips, a collection of road tales from the veteran backpacker and travel writer, will have you armchair traveling from Morocco to Indonesia to Spain. This one will fuel your fondness for adventure! 

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The only bad ideas responsible, pragmatic Capricorn has time for is the one by Missy Marston. This debut novel is all kinds of good: funny, binge-worthy, and wrapped with little gems about love and family. What we think you'll also appreciate, Capricorn, is the inner lives of the book's gloriously imperfect women through teenage pregnancy, unrequited love, familial love, and take-your-breath away love. At its heart, this is a novel about choices: you'll find yourself either empathizing with or hating on the decisions of the novel's characters. But whatever side you fall on each of them, Bad Ideas is a story you'll keep in the rearview long after you finish.


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