21 Bookish Cats Recommend Their Favourite Reads

August 7, 2021


Because cats rule the internet, we asked for your favourite felines with their favourite books for International Cat Day on August 8. Stay tuned for more litterate cats + books tomorrow!


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WOL_All the Animals_Trouble

Trouble purrrfectly embodies the protagonist Hector in Mark Sampson's novel All the Animals on Earth (Wolsak and Wynn). Submitted by Jennifer Rawlinson.


BTG_Talking Animals_Tess

Book*hug Press resident cat Tess pawed her way through Joni Murphy's Talking Animals (Book*hug Press). Submitted by Hazel Millar. 




Bee reads Patricia Robertson’s Hour of the Crab (Goose Lane Editions) while feeling deeply concerned about the current climate crisis. Submitted by Goose Lane Marketing Manager, Jeff Arbeau




Neemo poses with Michelle Butler Hallett’s hissstorical novel  Constant Nobody (Goose Lane Editions). Submitted by Publicity and Editorial Assistant, Meaghan Laaper



BIB_Lucia_Banana Loaf

Banana Loaf is summer-ready with an iced coffee and Globe and Mail-recommended summer read  Lucia by Alex Pheby (Biblioasis). Submitted by Michaela Stephenson



BIB_BananaLoaf with YWLWYHK

Banana Loaf is a voracious reader. She also wants to recommend Kevin Lambert's novel prize-winning debut novel You Will Love What You Have Killed (Biblioasis). Submitted by Michaela Stephenson




Lola curls up with Barbara Black's genre-bending short fiction Music from a Strange Planet (Caitlin Press). It's got the purrrfect mix of provocative and philosophical stories that Lola describes as "radiclaw." Submitted by Malaika Aleba. 




Luna is whiskered away with Andrew Kaufman's whimsical novel  All My Friends Are Superheroes (Coach House Books). Submitted by Coach House Editorial Assistant Tali Voroon





Murphy is torn between the humans' books: Bridget Canning's The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes or Some People's Children (Breakwater Books) are equally page-turning. Submitted by Bridget Canning.



SHI_Bilbo and Nora

Bilbo and Nora took turns reading the biography  A Tale of Two Divas: The Curious Adventures of Jean Forsyth and Edith J. Miller in Canada’s Edwardian West by Elspeth Cameron with Gail Kreutzer (J. Gordon Shillingford). Submitted by Ashley Brekelmans



SIG_Genni with Vanishes

Genni thinks you should read Louise Carson's cozy cat tail  The Cat Vanishes (Signature Editions). Submitted by Ashley Brekelmans



BKLD_Crumpet_Saving Tiberius

Crumpet may have chosen this book for its cover, but Gordon K. Jones's Saving Tiberius (Bookland Press) proved to be a thrilling medical crime novel. Submitted by Gordon K. Jones




Beach paws through the illustrations in Patrick Allaby's graphic novel The Water Lover and Joe Ollmann's Day Old (Conundrum Press). Submitted by Sarah Sawler



CON_The Gift_Jingle

Jingle agrees Zoe Maeve's graphic novel The Gift (Conundrum Press) is like The Shining meets Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. Submitted by Sarah Sawler




Kitty loves the wordsmithery and trickery of Jack Hannan's The Poet is a Radio (Linda Leith Publishing). Submitted by Jack Hannan



TURN_Cattail Skyline_Davey

Davey may have picked this one for its title at first, but ended up being whiskered away by the myriad landscapes in Joanne Epp's poetry collection  Cattail Skyline (Turnstone Press). Submitted by Melissa McIvor




Marty says get your paws off my copy of Allison Kydd's  Few and Far (Stonehouse Publishing), a novel of love and new possibilities. Submitted by Lisa Murphy Lamb




Salix agrees with Marty that Few and Far is one pawsitively good read. Submitted by Lisa Murphy Lamb



COR_Ozzie and The Good Son

Ozzie prefers to read digitally: Carolyn Huizinga Mills's psychological thriller  The Good Son (Cormorant Books). Submitted by Sarah Cooper.




Printer goes on a hike with Nicholas Guitard's  Waterfalls of New Brunswick (Goose Lane Editions). Submitted by Goose Lane Publicity and Editorial Assistant, Meaghan Laaper




Ralph is an intern at Radiant Press, but also writes book reviews. He says Kelley Jo Burke's Wreck: A Very Anxious Memoir is "I found this book both fascinating and relatable. When I was a kitten I was stung by a bee and subsequently experience chronic anxiety myself. I would like to interview the author and ask her why there were no fish included in the book. To summarize: many whales, no fish."





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Stay tuned for more cats + books tomorrow on All Lit Up!

A big thank you to Ashley Brekelmans from Signature Editions who pitched us this idea! 




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