Read Harder Challenge #5: Audiobook of poetry

March 27, 2020

Throughout 2020, All Lit Up-er Tan Light is participating in BookRiot's   Read Harder Challenge—a reading task designed to expand readerly boundaries—and doing so with an indie twist. Each entry in this series will highlight one of her completed challenges along with a list of books from All Lit Up to have you reading harder, too! 

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For this month's Read Harder Challenge, I thought I would tackle something a little different — the challenge of an "audiobook of poetry." These are rare birds, and to be honest, we don't have that many kicking around All Lit Up. BUT, we do know of an indie publisher doing some cool things via Youtube with spoken word artists and poets. Enter, Brick Books:  The Brickyard!

The Brickyard showcases work from established and emerging voices in Canadian poetry. Since setting up my home office due to the current isolation order, I have been listening to The Brickyard in the background, allowing the soothing voice of the poets to keep some of my anxiety at bay. With National Poetry Month just around the corner, this site is a great way to inject a bit of poetry into your life as often as you like, no hand sanitizer required. 


Check out some of Brickyard's recently released readings:


Susan Gillis reads from Yellow Crane (Brick Books)


Degan David reads from What Kind of Man Are You (Brick Books)



Arleen Paré reads from The Girls With Stone Faces (Brick Books)




Love poetry & looking for more? Make your way over to our Poetry Litspace. You'll find poets reading from their work, collections of all sorts, and some cool new content launching in April!




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Want to join me?  Click here for a downloadable and editable PDF of the 2020 Read Harder Challenge tasks. For more Read Harder, click here.




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