In Review: The Week of May 25th

May 30, 2020

This week we got cooking with the right ingredients for five short story books to make your quarantine more digestible, talked about community, writing, and Ma Anand Sheela, discovered a near-future dystopian debut, and more.


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FFF - Watershed

~ Brad Casey, author of The Handsome Man (Book*hug Press) talks to us about community and writing, political solidarity, and why Ma Anand Sheela is his favourite "fictional" character:  "We can create communities, create opportunities for each other ⁠— we don’t need the system in place, we can create our own systems.

~ Our Off/Kilter column heads into the kitchen for #ShortStoryMonth to bring you the tasty ingredients for 5 books that'll make your quarantine more digestible.

~ Debut fiction by by Calgary storyteller and musician Doreen Vanderstoop is a literary mashup of Atwood's dystopian fiction and Fred Stenson's prairie life novels: Watershed (Freehand Books) is a near-future dystopian novel set in Alberta for anyone wondering what climate change might mean for us 




Around the Web

~ A new literary journal called The Quarantine Review — featuring writers like Stacey May Fowles, Paul Vermeersch, and A.G. Pasquella — is being released in June (and we're here for it). 

~ Arsenal Pulp Press publisher Brian Lam was named the 2020 recipient of  Lambda Literary’s Publishing Professional Award for 

~ Bookish Zoomers know the  bookcase flex all too well — we see you.




ICYMI (last week)


Watch This, Read That: Netflix Edition

If you relate hard to those "Netflix are you still watching memes?" check out these three literary follow-ups to your favourite #Netflix shows to offset all the binge-watching




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