In Review: The Week of March 16th

March 21, 2020

Social distancing didn't stop us from featuring some pretty great authors on the blog this week: Raquel Fletcher talks about diversity in Quebec; Brian Orend talks Epilepsy and writing; and Jane Munro contemplates the relationship between deep listening and poetry. Plus we've got some strange and surreal book picks to mirror our strange times.  

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On the Blog


~ Raquel Fletcher, the National Assembly reporter for Global News, author of Who Belongs in Quebec? (Linda Leith Publishing) reflects on her adopted province of Quebec: "Are diversity and the protection of traditional Quebec culture mutually exclusive?"

~ For Epilepsy Awareness Month, author Brian Orend discusses the ups and downs of writing Seizure the Day: Living a Happy Life with Illness (Freehand Books): "It was motivated, at the start, from a place of misery and anger, and struggle for gains in happiness."

~ With the current state of things as they are, we're bring you three strange and surreal poetry  picks to help embrace the chaos.

~ Poet Jane Munro talks about the relationship between deep listening and poetry around #WorldPoetryDay: "The more I worked on composing poems, the more convinced I’d become that good poems did not originate in what I thought of as my self-possessed mind."





Around the Web


~ The finalists for the  Publishing Triangle Awards were announced with lots of love for All Lit Up favourites Arsenal Pulp Press and Metonymy Press.

~ In more Coronavirus news, Canada Reads 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19.

~ Indie booksellers in the UK get creative delivering books by bicycle during the pandemic.




ICYMI (last week)

Two poems from Tanja Bartel's debut collection Everyone at This Party (Goose Lane Editions)




"Sprung from the hair salon with a smooth,
back-combed flip, I looked like Betty Draper
in her fat phase. Went in unkempt, came out
kempt. Asked for sexy-messy beach
hair, paid for a docile bob. Everyone
is trying to tone me down. Inwardly I scream."













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