In Review: The Week of January 27th

February 1, 2020

This week we get our philosophy hats on, take up BooRiot's Read Harder Challenge, recommend weekend reads, and more. 


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On the Blog


~ Ray Robertson talks to us about his book How to Die: A Book About Being Alive (Biblioasis) in which he digs up 1500 years of writing on the subject of death—a subject he argues needs to be contemplated in order to live fully and meaningfully. 

~ ALU staffer Tan Light takes up BookRiot's Read Harder Challenge this year. First up: Dakwäkãda Warriors by Cole Pauls (Conundrum Press).

~ Missed #alureadtheprovinces this month? We've collected all 24 interviews with authors across Canada in one place.




Around the Web

~ Robots may take over the world, but they'll write really bad poetry via Lithub.

~ A punctuation enthusiast in the UK calls for a boycott of Brexit 50p coin over "missing" Oxford comma via The Guardian.

~ Authors around the world join forces to fundraise for Australian firefighters via Quill and Quire.




What Else We're Reading


If you liked the magical, spellbinding stories in Anaïs Nin's Little Birds, try Heather Nolan's debut novella This is Agatha Falling (Pedlar Press), a dreamlike journey through downtown St. John's where past and present collide.





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