In Review: The Week of February 3rd

February 8, 2020

This week we got our design nerd on, learned about the process behind bringing a novel into braille, recommended a debut novel, and more. 


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~ Author Laura Tretheway takes us out to sea in The Imperilled Ocean: Human Stories from a Changing Sea (Goose Lane Editions), exploring the compelling stories of people across the world and their relationships with the ocean to give a broader picture of its importance, its future, and its fate.

~ Author M.C. Joudrey shares his experience with the National Network for Equitable Library Service to bring his novel Fanonymous into braille (At Bay Press) in order to serve a marginalized readership: "Being able to connect with a wider audience has not only been rewarding but also—as in this case—worth so much more to me than I could have imagined."

~ Designer Jared Shapiro discusses the creative choices that went into designing nathan dueck's pop-culturally influenced book of poetry, A Very Special Episode (Wolsak and Wynn): "Fonts are curious and intriguing things in that the best ones are often the ones you don’t notice."

~ For #Fridayreads we take a look at Michelle Kaeser's debut novel The Towers of Babylon (Freehand Books), which combines the all-too-real millennial struggles of Girls and the sibling dynamics of This Is Us with sharp-witted humour and shrewd insight that’s all its own



Around the Web


~ CBC Books' list of 47 Canadian fiction books to watch for this spring includes lots of ALU faves

~ After widespread criticism in the US, Barnes & Noble pulled a new series of  "culturally diverse" classic book covers from stores.

~ The intersection between books and fashion is  this look book from Louis Vuitton in which models are protagonists in their own novels.






ICYMI (last week)



Throughout 2020 our very own ALU staffer Tan Light is participating in Book Riot's  #ReadHarderChallenge. Follow along as we roll out challenges and follow-up reads all year!

First challenge: Read a book in any genre by an Indigenous author





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