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December 4, 2020

For our final day of BINGEMAS we unlock two books for fans of Red Dead Redemption and Animal Crossing. 


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Gift those button mashers our video game-inspired book recommendations— Like Rum-Drunk Angels (Goose Lane Editions) and Talking Animals (Book*hug Press)—and get 20% off with promo code BINGEMAS20. 






Red Dead Redemption 2 = = = Like Rum-Drunk Angels by Tyler Enfield (Goose Lane Editions)

If the monumental Red Dead Redemption 2 was on your giftee's list of achievements this year, give them a side-quest with Tyler Enfield's offbeat and wildly inventive literary treasure of a novel Like Rum-Drunk Angels. Like Red Dead's outlaw Arthur Morgan, gunslinger Bob Temple in this Coen Brothers meets Kurt Vonnegut American Western just can't put the the gun-fighting life behind him. Your gaming giftee will find what they arguably loved about Red Dead in Like-Rum Drunk Angels: treasure hunting, gun-slinging, horseback heists, revenge, and a cinematic gallop to the final scene. 





Animal Crossing = = = Talking Animals by Joni Murphy (Book*hug Press)

Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons dropped as a colourful beacon of hope—and plain fun—just as the world fell into pandemic darkness. If your giftee relaxes indoors by building an island paradise complete with a community of friendly (and some not-so-friendly) animal villagers, introduce them to another all-critter cast with Joni Murphy’s Talking Animals where lemurs brew coffee and birds tend bar. This super inventive allegory follows the adventures of the moody Alfonzo (a llama) and sociable Mitchell (his alpaca friend), as they break free from the bureaucratic chains of their City Hall jobs and head into New York’s seedy underbelly to expose the corruption that has taken over their city. This book is guaranteed to have your giftee hoping that Nintendo’s next update allows villagers to uprise and wage a political coup.





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Check out  our full roll-call of Bingemas book picks for all the pop-culture enthusiasts on your gift list. 





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