Weekend Reads: 3 Picks to Add Some Danger to Your Downtime

November 8, 2019

For readers who want to add a bit of danger into their downtime, or for those already planning to get into a bit of trouble this weekend, here are three new titles that'll take things up a notch.

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Cheap Thrills by David Kloepfer (Now or Never Publishing)


Taking place over the course of one weekend, Cheap Thrills is the kind of book you'll probably finish reading in one weekend, too. Drugs, gangs, conspiracies – and even love – set a fast pace for this crime-noir novel that seeks to uncover the mystery of a dead Vancouver drug dealer and a missing bag of money. 





Whipped by William Deverell (ECW Press)


In the world of government scandal, word has it that the bottom of one high ranking federal cabinet minister has been on the receiving end of a Russian dominatrix's whip. But(t), after narrowly escaping the Mafia and ending up in witness protection, journalist Lou Sabatino is in no position to be reporting this hot potato of a news story. After a bit of ingenuity to quietly leak the incriminating video, Sabatino leaves behind a fresh wake of scandal and drama that's sure to keep you intrigued while relaxing couch-side this weekend.



Arctic Smoke by Randy Nikkel Shroeder (NeWest Press)

Feeling a bit bored? Embark on this dreamy, cyberpunk odyssey through surreal snowscapes and frigid wastelands with ageing punk Lor Kowalski. Despite his questionable sanity, Lor is forced to get back together with his old band, who soon find themselves on the road again after a mysterious ad for an arctic tour emerges. Things get weird as the band is pursued across the north by CSIS agents. If you like magical realism, this one's for you.


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