Two Poems from Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene)

May 14, 2019

Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene) (Wolsak and Wynn) is a collection of commanding poems that examine pain, while also exploring a passage of hope. Written by seasoned poet Natalee Caple, the collection grapples with #MeToo, motherhood, climate change and political turmoil, striving for a way forward in our charged times. With her fierce lines and fluid imagery, Caple ruminates on the importance of human experiences, exploring how the complex relationships between people make us who we are. Her poems are gifts to writers who have influenced her as an author and reflect on personal and global changes over time. Below we share two poems from her collection.

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Two poems from Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene)





I see reality as it is
like I see you there, Mom
but then I like to upgrade
I think it could be better
if there were a city behind your ear
and there it is! And then
a rainbow on the other side




I keep thinking that I’m nothing lots of support for fresh paint brightened fear I can’t do what others do the numbers flip like thin red plastic fish a 6 is the same thing as a 9 left is right it’s the other right those looks I get when I forget everyone else has perfect recall how to build a curriculum vitae matters but writing down visions to make whole worlds for strangers that is rubbish

Munro wins the Nobel Prize and I spill coffee on my breast I cry out and he runs over already joyed what is it Mummy? I say this woman won a prize for writing books that everybody reads he screams I’m so stupid! I’m so stupid! rolls up like a hedgehog in a hole I made

The psychologist says he flirts when tested falls off his chair then sits up says why don’t you tell me about you it’s hard to gauge what’s in his mind but I think he will get along just fine she says when asked why do policemen wear uniforms he answers so they won’t be naked he’s right you know I tell her first thing at work is often but not always don’t be naked

I found a card he wrote and hid inside his teddy’s shirt long bright ascenders and descenders his name in eyelashes one symbol is as good as the next in fact a note that looks like swearing is a love letter




* * *


Thanks to Sadia Malik at Wolsak and Wynn for sharing these striking poems with us. Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene) is available for purchase on All Lit Up.


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