Season's Readings: Santa Claws

December 6, 2019

Today #aluseasonsreadings comes to an end with picks for the supernatural enthusiasts who don't mind when life is a little off-kilter. Don't forget: ALL of our Season's Readings book recommendations from this month will be 15% off until December 13th! BONUS: all orders come with a stack of our Seasons Greetings Holiday cards. Happy Holidays!

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Sink your claws into these books for the giftee who is into all things strange for 15% off until December 13th!




different beasts


What happens when the beasts that lurk in our imagination begin to reveal themselves as the everyday people around us – or even more frighteningly: as ourselves? J.R. McConvey's debut collection of short stories Different Beasts (Goose Lane Editions) is for the giftee who doesn't mind staring boldly into the abyss, even when it stares right back. In a glass, darkly, readers of this collection will find mutant angels, insectoid demon-gods, shapeshifting waifs and more – all bringing an uncomfortable, yet tender punch to the heart for what they stand to reveal about the human condition.








Haven't found the right present for the the pop-culture connoisseur on your holiday list yet? Don't worry, it's not the end of the world. OR IS IT? In this Twilight Zone-esque collection of connected short stories Has the World Ended Yet?  (Wolsak and wynn) by Peter Darbyshire, retired superheroes are left to wonder if total Armageddon has broken out after angels begin to fall from the sky. What's real, what's not; what's alive, and what's...dead? These superheroes find themselves back on the job, alongside ghosts and hitmen in a precarious world where nothing is quite as it seems.




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Different Beasts  and Has the World Ended Yet?  are 15% off until December 13th, and buying these or any of our Season's Readings books during this time gets you a stack of our Season's Readings postcard to gift with your books.

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