Season's Readings: Howlidays

December 3, 2019

Today's Season's Readings are for the animal lovers who prefer cats to people and who fundamentally understand the adage: we don't deserve dogs.



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Gift these fetching selections to anyone on your list who's made an Instagram page for their dog. Get 'em for a barking good deal at 15% OFF until Dec 13th!







If your giftee's rescue dog is the favourite family member despite a closet full of chewed up shoes, gift them Lauren Carter's This Has Nothing to Do With You (Freehand Books), an absorbing, tender novel about Melony, a young woman who's both grieving her unfortunate family past and running away from it. After giving up attempts to start a new life, Melony returns home and devotes herself to rehabilitating Grommet, a rescue mastiff with a tragic history. A story about the complexity of bonds formed though trauma and grief, This Has Nothing to Do With You asks, how do we continue after tragedy? 







We all have one: that person in our lives who regales us with stories about their pets. Now's your chance to regale them with Philipp Schott's The Accidental Veterinarian (ECW Press), a personal essay collection of amusing and engaging tales from a practicing veterinarian. Sharing about his unlikely path into vet science, Dr. Schott imparts useful insider tips — including how to prevent your very handy dog from getting into the fridge — and a healthy pack of humorous anecdotes that'll surely tug at the heartstrings of your pet-obsessed person.




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This Has Nothing to Do With You and  The Accidental Veterinarian are 15% off until December 13th, and buying these or any of our Season's Readings books during this time gets you a stack of our Season's Readings postcard to gift with your books.

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