Season's Readings: Eats Christmas!

December 2, 2019

Get those spatulas ready for day SIX of Season's Readings with two book picks for the kitchen-savvy angels who are always ready to whip up a sweet treat or deliver on a delicious meal when you need it most.

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Your giftee will loaf you dough much for these never-stale cookbooks — get 'em for 15% OFF until Dec 13th!








We all, (hopefully), have that one co-worker or neighbour who can't contain their confectionary prowess – those angels who, out of the kindness of their own hearts, deliver delicious treats right into the waiting mouths of us lesser kitchen disasters every holiday season. This is your chance to make it up to them with the perfect gift. Rock Recipes Cookies (Breakwater Books) is recipe blogger & food photographer Barry Parson's epic compilation of mouthwatering goodies that your giftee will delight in whipping up. From squares and bars to some major Christmas favourites, this book is packed with recipes for cookies of all kinds. So – they get the gift, and you reap the sweet rewards. That's what we call a wintery win-win.






This one is for the home cook in your life who loves watching Masterchef and getting crafty in the kitchen. Farm to Table (Blue Moon Publishers) sees food through the eyes of 25 of the most celebrated chefs to come out of Canada's own Stratford Chef School. Partnering alumni with their favourite local food producers and farmers, this book brings the dream of local cuisine to life. With beautiful photos from food photographer Terry Manzo, in addition to providing some of the most valuable lessons of chef school at the turn of a page, this book will take your giftee from grilled cheese to gourmand and make them the star of any future dinner party.






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Rock Recipes Cookies and  Farm to Table are 15% off until December 13th, and buying these or any of our Season's Readings books during this time gets you a stack of our Season's Readings postcard to gift with your books.

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