In Review: The Week of September 30th

October 5, 2019

This week we cheered on the GG finalists, admired some book-cover eye candy, celebrated Women's History Month with an essay on women and art, and much more.

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~ For #WomensHistoryMonth Maureen Hynes talks women and art and the historical material that inspired her collection Sotto Voce (Brick Books): "I am drawn to the fire of writers and poets who espouse feminism and critique it as well, who are challenging racism and tyranny, who declare their queerness and their solidarity with marginalized groups, who acknowledge the work of previous generations and aim to go beyond it [...]"

~ Illustrator Lynn Scurfield discusses her beautiful cover artwork for The Bears Sleep at Last (Playwrights Canada Press) by Genvieve Billette, sharing more about maintaining the book's mystery and incorporating elements of magical imagery.

~ Poet Adéle Barclay reads from her new collection Renaissance Normcore (Nightwood Editions): "Would you rather be the sun or the moon?/Would you rather sing like Jenny Lewis/or Fiona Apple?"

~ Our First Fiction Friday is Jaclyn Dawn's The Inquirer (NeWest Press), a novel that combines the humour and pluck of Wynonna Earp and the small-town feel of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape:





Around the Web


GG finalists 2019

~ The 2019 Governor General's Literary Awards finalists included plenty of indie presses and ALU favourites.

~Book burnout: Stylist explores if our reading habits are taking the joy out of reading.

~ Love him or hate him, Quentin Tarantino is writing a novel (and it's about movies, obvs).





In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)


Mixtape: This Has Nothing to Do With You

This edition of Mixtape is all that and a bag of chips: get the ultimate '90s (and some '80s) playlist to pair with the literary stylings of Lauren Carter's gripping novel This Has Nothing to Do With You (Freehand Books) about a young woman coming to terms with a tragic reality about her family.








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