In Review: The Week of July 29th

August 3, 2019

This week we talked writing with a novelist, took in some readings from a poet, learned more about Dene Ways of Knowing, got a history lesson on the semicolon, and more. 

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~ "The most surprising thing about being a writer is when an idea for a story interrupts your train of thought [...] it creates the reaction of love at first sight." Dean Serravalle, author of Where I Fall, Where She Rises (Inanna Publications) on writing

~ "The collection examines family relationships and how that history is passed down, changed, and sometimes forgotten, not unlike the Telephone Game from childhood." Read more about Matthew Walsh's collection These are not the potatoes of my youth (Goose Lane Editions) and watch clips of them reading

~ "What you do or say will have some effect on what happens. These are very much traditional Dene Ways of Knowing [...]"  Dene artist Antoine Mountain explains the epigraph that informs From Bear Rock Mountain (Brindle & Glass), his memoir about surviving residential school and eventually reclaiming his Dene identity.

~ "The physical lightness of the book coupled with the cover illustration of the artist’s print Wings (1979)—depicting seagulls circling a blue-grey sky as farmers plough the sloping land—provides the reader with a sensation of flight. "  On the Curve author Janet Nicol shares insight into the life of Canadian artist Sybil Andrews and her uplifting artwork.





Around the Web


~ Electric Lit's #sealeychallenge invites you to read one poetry collection every day in August, and we've got some All Lit Up faves to suggest.

~ These Twitter bots that generate plots and characters prove that Twitter is more than just a writer's procrastination tool.

~ Whether you're for or against the semicolon, the punctuation mark was hotly debated into existence via  The Paris Review. ( It's also been the reason some people fell in love with their partner.)








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