In Review: The Week of April 29th

May 4, 2019

This week we willed some warm weather (spoiler: it didn't work) with our Do-Lit-Yourself hanging planters, read some short fiction for Short Story Month, and said farewell to two CanLit treasures. 

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On the Blog



~ Try your hand at our Do-Lit-Yourself hanging planters to spruce up your indoor reading spots. 

~ Take our quiz, "What's Your Story?" to find out what short story collection we picked for your Short Story Month reading.

~ Read a short story from Andrew Forbes' newest collection Lands and Forests (Invisible Publishing) and check out our interview with the author about his book, writing inspirations, and short fiction: "I love what it’s not. It’s not a novel. It’s not poetry. It’s something beautiful and defiantly self-contained and malleable."

~ Victoria Hetherington, author of Mooncalves (Now or Never Publishing) chatted with us about the lure of the word processor and what it takes to be a writer: "You have to compact your ego into a little ball and protect it, but also be really open – to feedback, to new experiences, to new voices."




Around the Web



~ To save books from ending up in a landfill, Turkish garbage collectors have opened a library instead.

~ Also over in Europe, the Shakespeare edition of Trivial Pursuit is launched for aficionados of the Bard.

~ We said goodbye to two of CanLit's inimitable artists: Wayson Choy and Teva Harrison.




What Else We're Reading


Leyla's pick is Caitlin Galway's Bonavere Howl (Guernica Editions)




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