From Winter Blues to BA-HA-HAs: 5 Books to Make You Laugh

February 7, 2019

With spring still feeling so far away here in Canada and that existential dread starting to set in from being cooped up for too long indoors, we could all use a few laughs – a chuckle, at the very least. To help you out with a little LOL'ing, we've compiled 5 books to lighten up your winter mood.

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A Matter of Will by Rod Carley (Latitude 46)

After making the decision to pursue a career in acting, Will Crosswell's life has become one shipwreck after another. With his father's disapproval, being dumped by his fiancee, and barely being able to pay rent as a low-level telemarketer, Will decides to join divinity school in the middle of a freezing Newfoundland winter. What follows is a series of strange, funny and outrageous events as Will attempts to find his purpose in life. In between the laughs, you may even be surprised to find yourself moved.



Nobody Cares BY Anne T. Donahue (ECW Press)

With all the honesty of a late night chat sesh with your bestie, Anne T. Donahue offers us some solid advice to navigate the sometimes messy and usually complicated business of work, friends and relationships. This collection reminds us that the disasters and mess-ups that (inevitably) come with being in your 20's and 30's are totally normal. Have a laugh and embrace the disaster.



Explosions By Mathieu Poulin, translated by Aleshia Jensen (Baraka Books)

When the only thing exploding are the blood vessels in your eyes from binging Netflix for 48 hours straight–read a book instead. Particularly this one from Mathieu Poulin! Explosions envisions the big-budget movie director Michael Bay as a misunderstood genius whose high-grossing box office films are actually much deeper commentaries on issues like decolonization and freedom. Follow Bay as he embarks on a hilarious and epic pursuit for truth and the meaning of life.



A One-Handed Novel by Kim Clark (Caitlin Press)

Hilarious, captivating and sexy, Kim Clark's A One-Handed Novel challenges expectations and assumptions about women's sexuality and living with disability. When Melanie Farrell is told by her doctor that her multiple sclerosis is progressing faster than expected, she is also met with a surprising related prognosis: she only has 6 orgasms left! Now in her forty's, Melanie takes action to make the most of her remaining sex life, finding adventure, love and independence along the way.



The Figgs by Ali Bryan (Freehand Books)

A sure laugh for anyone who still has kids living at home, Ali Bryan's The Figgs throws us into the chaos of family life for matriarch June, whose dream of retirement is cut short by her sons unexpected fatherhood and a shocking revelation had by her husband. June finds herself questioning her own parents and the future in store for her grandson amongst this fun and quirky family of Figgs.


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