Do-Lit-Yourself: Hanging Planters

April 30, 2019

We're sure warmer weather is just about around the corner (right?). What more spring-appropriate way to spruce up your reading space than with plants? In this edition of Do-Lit-Yourself, we're taking a page from one of the latest retro trends, Macrame, to pull together a cheap and cheerful hanging planter.


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You'll need:

  • Rope, cord, or string of some kind. (We used gardening twine)
  • A metal or wood hoop for hanging
  • A plant in a pot that will not drip
  • Optional: beads








  1. Cut 6 lengths of rope the full length of your arms and back.
  2. Fold in half and knot through the metal loop (it should give you 12 strands).
  3. Braid and/or knot the ropes, occasionally dividing the strands and recombining them to create a net at the bottom that holds the pot inside.
  4. Divide 12 strands to create 4 braids to start (about 8"). For each section, try your hand at some fancy knot work and more braiding until you have just over a foot on each braided arm. If you like, you can add beads to your braids.
  5. Separate the strands and recombine them with strands from other braids, knotting every few inches and repeating, then re-knotting so it forms a loose net.
  6. Bring all the strands together at the bottom and tie one final knot for a tail.






Hang your plants and curl up with your spring reading!







* * *

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