Character Study: Paper Lions

July 16, 2019

We think Sohan S. Koonar's Paper Lions, an epic multi-generational novel about India, set in the years from the advent of the Second World War to the beginning of modern times in the 1960s, is just begging to be turned into a film. With a dream cast from publisher Mawenzi House and the directions "we’re imagining some colourful mansions, glittering jewels, hot desert views and the rich history behind the story"⁠ we cooked up a movie poster to turn this into a box office hit.

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Our Character Study column takes the CanLit books you love and re-imagines them as Hollywood movies: who would play your favourite bookish characters and why.








Bikram Singh - Dev Patel
Bikram is a very interesting, conflicted character, who is pulled in so many directions from his family. Dev Patel would be great in this role because he can definitely bring out a more emotional side of Bikram that we want to see.


Jagtar Singh - Priyanka Chopra
We want evil to the core, and Priyanka blew us away in Baywatch. She can definitely bring out the sweet-yet-vindictive qualities of Jagtar.



Sewa Singh - Abhi Sinha
What we need in Sewa is a more sinister look, and privileged air about them, and Abhi fits the bill perfectly.


Basanti - Naomi Scott
Breathtakingly beautiful like Basanti, Naomi Scott is the best choice for this role, and you have seen her in Aladdin, right?


Ajit Singh - Salman Khan
Salman Khan is one of the top actors in India, and he's very experienced in his craft. When you meet Ajit, he is definitely a figure that commands respect right away, and Salman Khan has that quality about him.

Nasib Singh - Avan Jogia
We don't know too much about Nasib, but what we do find out is shocking and inspiring all at once, and Avan Jogia's previous roles in movies are similar to the mysterious characters he plays (plus, we wanted a Canadian actor in this film!)


As for a director, we would bring aboard Kamal Hassan who has directed many historical films that take place during the same time period as Paper Lions.


And finally...the movie poster for the  Paper Lions film adaption!


cs_paper lions







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Thanks so much to Maria at Mawenzi House for standing in as casting director for this round of Character Study. For more Character Study casting calls,  click here.





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