Chappy Hour: A Gold Narcissus For Plastic's Republic

March 7, 2019

Believe it or not, Barbie will soon be celebrating her 60th birthday. It seems like just yesterday we were dressing her up, combing out/cutting off her tangled hair and imagining her in all kinds of scenarios – whether it was going on a date or getting crazy on the town with the GF's – sans Ken. Giovanna Riccio's new collection of poetry Plastic's Republic (Guernica Editions), explores the impact Barbie has had culturally throughout the past 60 years – touching on philosophical and feminist perspectives, as well as body image issues. Check out a sample piece from the collection below and find ALU mixologist Tan Light's fresh and fruity cocktail pairing The Golden Narcissus to celebrate this iconic anniversary.

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March 9 is Barbie’s 60th birthday! To celebrate the big day, I tried my hand at the Golden Narcissus, a drink that is fresh, fruity, and fabulous.


The Cocktail

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‘Gold Narcissus’ Cocktail:

What You Need:

1 oz Lemon Vodka

1 oz Limoncello

(or, 2 oz fresh lemonade)

½ oz Crème d’abricot, (or a tsp of apricot jam)

Dash of Cherry bitters

Champagne, or sparkling grape juice

Garnish –Lemon peel, Maraschino cherry

Garnish – edible gold flecks


What to do:

Add ice to cocktail shaker.

Add vodka, limoncello and crème d’abricot, or, lemonade and jam.

Add a dash or two of Cherry Bitters.

Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Top with champagne/sparkling grape juice.

If you are feeling super fancy, shake in some edible gold flakes, and finished with a lemon and cherry garnish.





* * *


After gazing into the depths of your glass of Golden Narcissus, take some time to read this longer excerpt from Plastic's Republic ( clicking here begins a PDF download), and then grab the full collection!

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