In Review: The Week of July 23rd

July 28, 2018

From do-lit-yourself tote bags to follow-up reads to the Great Gif vs. Jif Debate, our weekly roundup has it all and more!

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On the Blog



~ Behold our easy to do-lit-yourself tote bag for carrying around your summer reading!

~ Contributors of Newfoundland essay collection Best Kind (Breakwater Books) interviewed each other with questions like "You have to choose a line from literature and get it tattooed on yourself. What line and where on your body?" and "How is an essay like a potato patch?"

~ We rounded up four post-Zolitude reads because we couldn't say goodbye to our July #ALUbookclub just yet. 

~ For a refreshing treat we paired Kevin Shaw's debut poetry collection Smaller Hours (Goose Lane Editions) with our Purple Haze cocktail, inspired by the poem "To One a Century Hence.”

~ Our list of travel-inspiring books will take you on hiking adventures to underground cities exploration and more.



Around the Web



~ From incisive critiques to love notes, Atlas Obscura rounds up some memorable notes found in used books.

~ After Forbes published a piece on why Amazon should replace libraries in the US, librarians had some of the best comebacks in defense, including: “No offense to y’all at Forbes, but a little research would prevent you from publishing this kind of twaddle.”

~ Because the controversy still rages on, Mental Floss asked the experts - linguists - to settle the internet-old debate: is it gif or "jif"?






What Else We're Reading

Our pick this week is Kagiso Lesego Molope's YA novel This Book Betrays My Brother (Mawenzi House).






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