In Review: The Week of January 15th

January 20, 2018

This week we gave ableism a hard stare in the ism with an insightful essay from poet and physician Shane Neilson, served up five books for more intersectionally feminist reading, and made Books and Bingo a thing.

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On the Blog


~ We fell in love with Toronto all over again with Julie Roorda's literary rom-com A Thousand Consolations (Brindle & Glass) in this month's Where in Canada.

~ #BecauseIt's2018, Jules' Tools for Social Change starts the year with an essential feminist booklist to help us all be more intersectionally feminist readers.

~ Our Indie Literary Bingo can also help with your other reading goals for 2018. Plus, bingo?

~ Poet and physician Shane Neilson opens our eyes to our ableist tendencies with an essay about alcohol and ableism:"...ableism remains difficult to detect for otherwise sensitive and progressive readers."



Around the Web



~ These literature-inspired Women's March signs might be the best thing on the internet this week.

~ Electric Literature had some fun with the The Google Arts Selfie app, pairing famous writers to their fine art doppelgangers.

~ The new trend to shelves books pages-out is causing quite the debate.







What Else We're Reading

Christen is reading Cuba Unspun from Oolichan Books as she prepares for her cycle tour in Cuba.



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