In Review: The Week of April 30

May 5, 2018

This week was an awardsapalooza with shortlist announcements of the 2018 Amazon First Novel Award, the League of Canadian Poets Awards, the 2018 Golden Crown Literary Awards, and the 2018 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. We also toasted to NPM, read some short fiction for Short Story Month, and admired some visual poetry. 

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On the Blog

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~ We cheers-ed goodbye to National Poetry Month with a whiskey cocktail in this month's Chappy Hour featuring Laisha Rosnau's Our Familiar Hunger (Nightwood Editions).  

~ Eric Schmaltz's visual-based poetry in Surfaces (Invisible Publishing) had us considering the intersection between text and image. Eric had more to say on how the book "investigates the processes, interactions, and erasures that occur on and below the surface of writing with machinery.

~ "What's in a name?" In this edition of From the Archive, we discover how Terry Griggs' The Iconoclast's Journal, formerly Rogues' Wedding, ended up romance sections of bookstores. 

~ For Short Story Month, we read an excerpt from Things Don't Break (Tightrope Books) and chatted with author Richard Rosenbaum about short stories and the associated "dopamine-burst reward response."



Around the Web


~ The 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature has been cancelled after allegations of sexual and financial scandal.

~ These 50 books were madeover with pulp covers because pulp is never out of style.  

~ Electric Lit made a solid case for fiction authors as reality TV writers









What Else We're Reading

For Short Story Month, Mandy is reading offbeat tales of superheroes and demons in Peter Darbyshire's short story collection Has the World Ended Yet? (Wolsak and Wynn Publishers).





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