CarryOnBooks: Three Months Later

August 31, 2018

Back in June, you may remember our announcement that we'd be bringing books to passengers at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport via CarryOnBooks, a book vending machine! Alas, it's time to say "bon voyage!" to the machine's home in the airport: and we're doing so by taking a look at the kinds of books that sold over the three months it lived there.

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Check out the infographic below to see some sales trends we saw over the past three months of vendin' (plain-text to follow):




A Summer of CarryOnBooks (by the numbers)

  • 14% of books sold were Indigenous-authored
  • 77% of books sold were by women
  • 16% of books sold were drama titles
  • 49% of books sold were non-fiction

Data gathered as of August 28, 2018.



* * *

You might say summer just flew by for us and our vending machine – but don't feel like you missed a trip! You can vend at home with the full list of CarryOnBooks books, right here on All Lit Up. And stay tuned for what's next for the CarryOnBooks machine! It might just be taxiing into a travel destination near you.


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