School's Out, Almost Summer

June 30, 2017

It's the first day of summer for a lot of Canadian kids today, so we're turning to comics panels from Sophie Bedard's  Almost Summer (Pow Pow Press) for advice. With a total of four volumes –  #2 drops this August – these true-to-life yet still adorable graphic novels about high school romances, friendships, and everything in between are great for teens (or adults who are gluttons for nostalgia).

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One thing's for sure:  Almost Summer Volume 1 doesn't skimp on the equal parts hilarity and heartbreak that make up being a teenager. Main characters Emily, Mimi (Michelle), and Max contend with their crushes, parties, school assignments, and parents as they hurtle through high school. We've cherry-picked some choice moments that would have enlightened us, had we had this book in our own teen years.


Tip #1: Understand if they're really "the one"

Mimi explains her soulmate rating system to Emily (and to Emily's chagrin).



Tip #2: Know when to back down

Anthony's biggest problem is that he comes on real strong. Here's what happens when he decides to stick with his nickname for Emily.



Tip #3: Little white lies are overrated

Emily really goes for the truth when meeting Anthony's dog for the first time. He seems to appreciate it.



Tip #4: Always weigh your options

Unlike a lot of teenagers, Mimi knows that impulsivity will get you nowhere. She's also great at conserving her energy.


* * *

Thanks to Luc at Pow Pow Press for sending us this hilarious book to pick tips from.  Almost Summer is available now.


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