Must-Follow Canadian Book Instagrams for World Photo Day

August 18, 2017

It's #FollowFriday, and we can't think of better follow-ees than these five fantastic, Canadian book Instagram accounts, in honour of World Photo Day this August 19th.

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Tomorrow is World Photo Day, and we’re celebrating with follow suggestions for everyone’s favourite social media app: Instagram! Move over, bird’s-eye-avocado-toast and tanned-legs-in-front-of-water: we’re looking at our five favourite Canadian book Insta accounts.

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There are a lot of great Toronto, or indeed, Canada-wide bookshop Instagrams we could have chosen for our obligatory bookshop Instagram account, but we went with TYPE, a Trinity-Bellwoods favourite with unforgettable window displays by local artist Kalpna Patel ( who also has a pretty great ‘gram account). 

Visit our winter wonderland window while you still can! A new window coming in a few days...

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Representative for Canada’s subscription book box, Novel Editions, Quebec-based Lost in the Rain takes pictures of books in perfectly-framed and -staged environments, commenting with earnest reviews and tons of discussion with their followers. 

(Spotted: Merilyn Simonds’ Gutenberg’s Fingerprint, ECW Press) 

The book fairies at @ecwpress sent me this amazing book by Merilyn Simonds. I've just started it and don't want to do anything with my day now but read ! I love her writing style, it feels like it was written just for me. Although I know it's not -- books that have that feel stay on my bookshelves forever and I'll never let go of them. . Do you own books that you will never part with? . #gutenbersfingerprint #merilynsimonds #canlit #ecwpress #about

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Toronto power-reader Rasiqra Revulva beautifully annotates her spine-out photos of the books she’s read over a (short!) period of time with gems like: “Oh my word, y'all. Let me wear these poems subcutaneously. Let me breathe them in at midday, and breathe them out through alternating nostrils at twilight.”

Plus, she has one CA-UTE cat.

(Spotted: Jane Eaton Hamilton’s Love Will Burst Into a Thousand Shapes, Caitlin Press)

It's time for a late-night writing buddy edition of "Blusty on Books!" Tonight, we are featuring Jane Eaton Hamilton's "Love Will Burst Into a Thousand Shapes," which I've just completed, and fully adored. My favourite Blodwyn Prize read to date! #cat #blusty #blustyadventures #blustyonbooks #catsofinstagram #books #readin2017 #poetry #caitlinpress #janeeatonhamilton #lovewillburstintoathousandshapes #canlit #queerlit #canqueer #2017 #blodwynmemorialprizeforemergingwriters #bestfriend #paws #floofy #whiskers #earfurnishings #kittytoes #stripeyhead #tail #rasiqrarecommends #kittybelly #writingbuddy #inspiration #amwriting #animalfriends

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Enthusiastic book peeps match their reads on Vancouver poet/writer  Dina del Bucchia’s @dresslikeabook Instagram (including the author herself, sometimes).

(Spotted: Sachiko Murakami’s Get Me Out of Here, Talonbooks)

Model: Dina Del Bucchia. Book: Get Me Out of Here by Sachiko Murakami #dresslikeabook

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Vancouver’s Jude takes great pictures of bookish scenes, but our favourites are the ones of her sock- or shoe’d-feet next to whatever tome she’s thinking about. Play “Would you Rather?” (or more like, “Sophie’s Choice”) with all the different editions of the classics she snaps!

I just couldn't let this #SockSunday in Prague pass without making it Franz Kafka themed. Thanks to everyone who has followed and commented on my Insta story the last few days in this beautiful country. I am thrilled to share all of my library and Kafka experiences with you! Happy Sunday book lovers! #butfirstkafka

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