Infographic: What's My Next Summer Read?

July 21, 2017

Two things of book lovers we know to be true:

  1. Their TBR piles eventually reach a crisis point, and;
  2. When that happens, the solution is, weirdly, buy more books.

We're here to help with #2, creating this handy infographic to help you choose your next, great summer read.

See more details below

Getting your next great read is easy: start by picking where you'd be most likely to be in this beach scene (the water, the beach, or the ice cream shop – the lattermost having no bearing on our particular preferences here at ALU) and then follow the arrows to your book! You can click on the covers for more information about them.


“The The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes “Bridge “Searching “Smells “The “The “Behold “Listening “So “The “The “Plastic” “Sonja “Shot-Blue“ “Small “Making “Flush”


* * *

If you can't get enough book recommendations, check out our staff picks for summer 2017.


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