In Review: The Week of May 22nd

May 27, 2017

This week we cheered on ARP Books author Kaie Kellough ( Accordéon) and Freehand Books author Catherine Cooper ( White Elephant) at the Amazon First Novel Award ceremony, painted our nails to match some awesome book covers, and got our short story on.

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On the Blog


~ We got deep with this tentacled edition of Cover Collage.

~ We finished our Short Story Month series with a look at Susan E. Lloy's   But When We Look Closer (Now or Never Publishing). You can read why Susan describes her collection as "compulsion," "spirit," and "ocean."

~ Like we said, we painted our nails to match some of the lovely book covers in our office, and even had an author join in on the fun.

~ Our First Fiction feature, Suzanne Hillier's Sonja & Carl (Brindle & Glass Publishing), is for fans of Rainbow Rowell and Jojo Moyes, or anyone who has ever been a teenager.




Around the Web

~Literary podcast alert! The Association of English-language Publishers of Quebec launched a 10-part podcast series called Inside the Frozen Mammoth, featuring writers from Quebec!

~ Star Wars Jedi-mind-tricked us into adding these 10 words to our vocabulary.



~ Two never-before-seen poems by Sylvia Plath were just discovered on the back of a notebook.



What Else We're Reading


Lauren is waist deep in Men Walking on Water by Emily Schultz—a novel about rum-running in the 1920s—and it got us thinking about Kevin Major's Found Far and Wide (Breakwater Books), a historical fiction that follows rum-running in Prohibition-era New York.





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