In Review: The Week of June 26th

July 1, 2017

This week we learned more about Hamilton, Ontario, relived the days of school's out for summer with a graphic novel, and fell into a Google-hole searching Millennial Pink.

We hope you all have a happy long weekend!





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On the Blog



~ When we created  this collage of pink covers, we also went on a google journey to discover the true meaning of the colour Millennial Pink. (We still don't know what it is...)

~ In Read This, Then That, we compared Jen Powley's Just Jen (Roseway Publishing) and Heidi Redl's A Quiet Roar (Caitlin Press), two memoirs about living with MS.

~ Author Daniel Coleman of Yardwork (Wolsak & Wynn) shares Hamiltonian history in Where in Canada.

~ We got some tips from Sophie Bédard's graphic novel Almost Summer (Pow Pow Editions). Where was this book when we were teens?



Around the Web


~ Readers of The Globe and Mail have bees in their bonnets over these idioms.

~ Remember the golden rule "i before e, except after c"? Well, this article in the Washington Post debunks that hard.

~ Could it be? US Libraries have more visits from millennials than any other age group.




What Else We're Reading


Tan recommends Nathan Adler's Wrist (Kegedonce Press) if you liked Eden Robinson's Son of a Trickster.





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