First Fiction Fridays: You Are Not Needed Now

September 22, 2017

Annette Lapointe's You Are Not Needed Now (Anvil Press) is her first collection of short fiction that imagines what happens after you realize the world can go on as usual without you. It dissects the illusion of appearances and optics and shatters the idea of normalcy.

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You Are Not Needed Now (Anvil Press)


Who: Annette Lapointe is a Winnipeg-based professor and writer whose first book of short fiction, You Are Not Needed Now, was just published by Anvil Press. 


Why You Need to Read This Now:

This is a collection that will grease the existential wheels; it will ask, what is anyone's purpose? What happens when the world becomes overwhelming? The stories centre on a range of strange, off-kilter scenarios: a pregnant woman who finds body parts while cleaning out a neighbour's fridge; the dead dropping by to cry and watch TV; a civil servant whose love of home decor websites leads to crimes; a single father who is attacked by porcupines; an arsonist who is given too many stuffed animals; among others. This is a collection for anyone who enjoys the strange, vulgar, and messy, the boundary between commonplace and strange. It's a collection that gets down to the nit and grit of its characters, giving us an intimate glimpse into what makes them tick; we feel their vulnerabilities, humiliations and vanities along with them.




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