In Review: The Week of October 3rd

October 8, 2016

Long weekend! That means extra reading time, plus this one comes with a side of turkey and mashed potatoes. We hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, whatever it is your doing. If you do need a break from the festivities, we've got you covered with some great book news and recommendations!

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On the Blog



~ We got in the holiday spirit just in time for Thanksgiving with our latest Test Kitchen and Rock Recipes Christmas

~ We asked Michael E. Casteels' to dig deep and share his poetic inspirations in this month's Quoted

~ We're celebrating Women's History Month with #WomenWritersWednesday. First up was Mary Frances Coady.


Around the Web



~ Test your knowledge with BuzzFeed's Opening Lines from Classic Books quiz

~ Cup of Jo recommends 18 Children's Books With Characters of Colour

~ The School of Life YouTubers explore why we love certain books in this video


What We're Reading


Lauren picked up a copy of Concord Floral by Jordan Tannahill (Playwrights Canada Press) this week and was very excited when it was nominated for a GG Award two days later!

"I picked up Jordan Tannahill's now GG-nominated play, Concord Floral, perhaps superficially... I was so attracted to the gorgeous cover. Little did I know that I'd found the perfect scratch to my insatiable Stranger Things itch: this story of suburban teenagers grappling with a mysterious plague and devastating secret is alternately heartbreaking, hilarious, and terrifying (sometimes within the same line). These kids are so real. They took me back to my own teenage claimed spaces, my own Concord Florals. Read it a Thanksgiving afternoon and take yourself back, too."




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